Throughout the course of history, habits and practices change, but the act of getting a drink at a bar remains constant. Worn down bar tops, stained by the elbows and drinks document the evolution of our communities. They’ve have had a front row seat to our lives and stories. Celebrations and heartbreak. Victory and defeat. Mundane and extraordinary. It is a simple and pure act to pull up a seat, order a drink, and review your life thus far.

New Drinks in Old Bars tells the stories of the oldest bars around the country. The idea for this blog was born in a tiny bar in Volcano, California in April 2017 when AE, SP, and Kowboy were on vacation in Amador County. Since then, we have been dedicated to telling the stories of these old bars.

We travel, interview, take pictures, and drink. We interview bar owners, barkeeps, and the guy on the corner stool that has been there since the Great War. Our posts are written by a ragtag team of moderately talented drinkers, writers, and amateur photographers where the lines of friendship and family have been blurred.


AE: Classically trained pain in the ass, tinkerer, and creator of NDOB

SP: Sort of Irish Boston boy, designer, and pretty decent golfer

Kowboy: Has fallen out of the saddle, but never off a barstool