Round 2: The Captain Daniel Packer Inne

 “Welcome to The Captain Daniel Packer Inne” a local said to us as we sat down at the bar. The unofficial welcome wagon warmed up an old bar in Mystic, Connecticut on a rainy October afternoon. Captain Daniel Packer was a square-rigger captain and purchased the property in 1754 on Water Street on the Mystic River. In the 1700s, the Inne was a necessary stopover for wayfarers traveling between New York and Boston. Capt. Daniel Packer operated a ferry across the river by way of a pulley system (the foundation and hitches for which can still be seen outside of the bar to this day). Travelers would load up their stagecoaches onto the ferry and the pulley system would shuffle them across the river. It seems only fair that dear Daniel would offer his passengers drinks after convincing them to load their horses onto a raft and literally pull them across the river. Don’t worry folks, load up, there will be alcohol at the end. What could possibly go wrong?  I’d need a drink after that. Capt. Packer must have been an excellent salesman. Continue reading